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HOOGZZIf you want to join =TOK apply on the call of duty =TOK page we are looking for abut 20 more people K/D 1.5 and over only
Hytrezuca i join clan ? :( my psn is Hytrezu
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HOOGZZI dont realy check this site anymore i have been realy busy doing other things but i do come on here once in a while
TOK Gaming has reached a new hit record of 152 unique hits today!
Tiny_hawaiianneed invite to the clan
SILLENT69KILLERHey TOK! Is it possible if I can join your clan?
dfasta21you guys should sign up to [link] we are a AUS/NZ gaming community. We have various ladders on all Call of duty titles. I am a competitive admin over there so if you need a hand with join a ladder send me a PM to dfasta88 or via PSN.
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dfasta21   we also have a recruitment section just for AUS/NZ gamers
CODalexcan i join ? :/
HOOGZZ   whats your PSN
jseankiller13hey i applied for this clan when will i have the feedback
legit_jalapenoWe're not =TOK anymore, we're 886C
HOOGZZ   We Change From =TOK to 886C once in a while to have somthing dif lol
TRABOL_MAKER_100When are we going to play all at the same time?
HOOGZZ   i dont no lol when every one gets on at the same time
TRABOL_MAKER_100Can I join this clan?
Or I am already in this clan?
TRABOL_MAKER_100Hey guys im new...
Am I already in this clan?
Can I put TOK in my ClanTag?
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HOOGZZ   Whats your PSN
TRABOL_MAKER_100   What is that?
HOOGZZ   PSN is is youe playstation online name and yip us =TOK
HockeyMan8773So I'm in?
HockeyMan8773Could I join this clan?

I seen your post on forums hoogzz, I'm prestige 3 level 73 from Canada
Let me know, I'm interested in joining
HOOGZZ   Whats your PSN
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